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About Dr. Parvis

Dr. Parvis is a very proud 1991 graduate of the NEW ENGLAND COLEGE of OPTOMETRY.

She earned her undergraduate pre-medical degree from Fordham University at the Rose Hill Campus in the Bronx, New York and began her Optometric career in a corporate setting and per dium experience in multiple practice settings.

In 1998, Dr. Parvis entered into private practice in Oxford, Massachusetts. She takes a full wellness approach to patient care and truly believes that, "we as primary eye-care practitioners, are uniquely positioned within the healthcare team to fully integrate our patients overall health as it relates to their eye-health. We make significant improvements in our patients overall health and well-being by using our expertise to our highest level of skill and compassion."

In 1996, Dr. Parvis developed EYE-SIGHT 20/20, a continuing education arena for Optometry to foster continued excellence in our patient care. In the last 16 years, EYE-SIGHT 20/20 has remained a leader in post-graduate education with a caliber of excellence that many colleagues have come to trust in a colleague friendly arena in which their focus is improved patient care outcomes.

Dr. Parvis has been a member of the Oxford Lions Club since 2002 and served as president from 2007-2010, being the first female president in its 66 year history.
She was the 2008 recipient of the Millie Henshall award—a women’s recognition award for service to the community of Oxford and the community at large as well as for professional leadership qualities.

Dr. Parvis developed a charitable foundation in 2005 and became established as a 501c (3) in 2010. The mission of The Dr. Antoinette D. Parvis Charitable Foundation, Inc. is to support advanced care and find cures for Diabetes and Lung Cancer.

Dr. Parvis has been a sponsor of TOYS for TOTS since 1982. Her foundation supports TOYS for TOTS and its mission to provide toys for children in need and provide hope and positive change for those suffering misfortune.

In addition to her optometry practice, she is also a certified anxiety and phobia counselor. She works with those who suffer from panic disorder and phobias.
Dr. Parvis believes in our profession and the dignity and pride we all should experience as we care for our patients.

It is a privilege to gather in the company of fine colleagues and friends. Dr. Parvis looks forward to many years of continued professional service and thanks everyone for the time-honored trust they have in the EYE-SIGHT 20/20 arena.

Antoinette D. Parvis, OD
Sole-founder/ Executive Director
EYE-SIGHT 20/20 est. 1996
An independent continuing education entity
COPE qualified CE administrator/ CE provider